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Apple Jerks

Disclaimer: I’m a huge Apple and Steve Jobs fan. I own just about every product they sell and will continue to buy them blindly. Well, maybe. Here are 4 of the recent JERK moves Apple has made that are slowly wearing me down from fanboy to foe.

1.) Antennagate

Companies make mistakes, I understand that. Even though the iPhone 4′s antenna issue was a HUGE F’ING MISTAKE. The hardware’s malfunction wasn’t really what bothered me. Apple’s reaction to the mistake is what set me off. By simple holding the phone normally to my ear I would immediately lose signal and drop the call. I took the phone into the Apple store and the “geniuses” were trained to tell me I should “losen my death grip.” Another “genius” told me that my phone was dropping calls because it was in 3G mode and that I needed to turn off data every time I want to send or receive a call. True story.

2.) The Bumper Case

So, instead of apologizing for the massive hardware design flaw, Apple decided to monetize it. Did anyone else find it odd that Apple had never sold cases for any other previous iPhone but coincidentally released a bumper case whose sole purpose was to cover the antenna of the iPhone 4? Ridiculous. Apple did offer the case for free for a limited time as a peace offering. Everyone I know who ended up with a bumper case said it fell apart in a few months. Thanks Apple.

3.) iPad Covers

The magnetic iPad covers are really slick. They come in all different colors and are available in polyurethane and leather. The jerk move? If you want a subtle color like white or black (the two most popular colors) they are ONLY available in leather for $70! In order to get the most popular colors they make you shell out an extra $20. Ugh!

4.) The Lightning Adapter

Apple has maintained their own standard iPhone/iPod/iPad cable for years. In order to continue making the devices smaller and more efficient they upgraded to the Lightening Connector. It’s durable, small and best of all, two-sided. Now after years of collecting compatible cables, they’re all obsolete. Don’t worry about it, Apple took care of it. For a measly $30 you can get an adaptor. Wait… $30!!!!???? That’s more than I’ve ever paid for a cable, let alone an adaptor. To make matters worse Apple installed a special chip inside the device to discourage 3rd party developers to manufacture cheaper, affordable versions. It makes me sick.

Bonus: Apple Maps

Apple Maps sucks. There’s no denying it. Creating bad software doesn’t make you a jerk, but automatically removing the good stuff (Google Maps) when upgrading to iOS6 does. PS. Google Maps is now available again in the App store. It’s brilliant.


Apple, your brand is incredibly powerful, but if you keep pulling moves like this people will eventually get tired of it and move on. Don’t believe me? Ask Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.




  • Scott Douglas says:

    My apple rant centers on the iPhone5 commercials. They’re basically saying the size and features of the phone and accessories are, duh, second nature, meanwhile they’ve made 4 generations of hardware without these specs and features. What’s the slogan, apple, we were idiots until we made the iPhone5? I’m referring mainly to the phone/finger size and earbud shape..

  • Cole wells says:

    I agree with the rant, but damn they make some good stuff. The iphone5 is way better than the other phones. The commercials are stupid because samsung has made it so dumb. Its like the PC vs Mac battle but instead of apple being on the offense they are being defensive. I encountered the ipad case thing and could not believe that they would sell a basic color for more. Many people are pissed about the new charger but they had the old one for what, 20 years? No one still uses the first ipods so we shouldn’t charge our new products with one. The charging speed now is sick. That being said instead of buying an ipad mini I bought a kindle fire HD.

    • Rita says:

      Here are several why I would not:-You caonnt multitask. You can only do one task at a time. If you want to surf the web and type into a document, you can’t. You need to exit one and then open the other.-No flash support. Enjoy the web without much of its content!-Doesn’t use a real operating system, like Windows or Mac OSX. It runs like an iPhone, not a laptop.-It doesn’t have an SD card slot or USB slot. You want to load all your photos and music on it? You need to buy a special dongle and attach it to the iPad. Ah yes, that’s convenient and cost-effective.-Apple wants to say it will be great for reading books and magazines, but it has a bright, glossy LCD screen. Meanwhile, electronic book reader devices use an electronic ink technology that doesn’t strain the eyes and can be used in the sun. Electronic book readers can run on battery for days, whereas the iPad claims up to 10 hours, but probably has much less.-You need to lay it flat and look straight down at it to type on it. It’s not like a netbook or laptop where the keyboard is flat and the screen is in front of your face.-You can buy a keyboard accessory — you can spend extra money to turn a low-power netbook-type tablet into a non-portable desktop computer. Meanwhile there are products like Lenovo U1 Hybrid where you can slip the tablet into a netbook shell and turn it into a portable, foldable laptop.-It costs $ 500, minimum, and has a 1 ghz processor. You’re paying $ 500 for something that has about the same capabilities as an iPod Touch, but is huge. Products with similar specs and abilities as the iPad cost less than that. If you want the model with enough disk space and 3G to make it worth your while, it’s $ 800.My netbook has a 1.6 ghz Atom processor and cost me $ 200. And my netbook has an SD slot so I can make the hard drive space as large as I want. And my netbook has USB ports. And I can do multiple tasks on my netbook. Fact is, tablets have been around forever and the mainstream market didn’t want them. Just because they’ve slapped an Apple logo on it, should people suddenly want it?

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